2018-2019 Outreach
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Lord of the Bricks is community-based team.  As such, we pride ourselves in our outreach to the community we serve.  Our mission is to make engineering accessible to the next generation of engineers - whether they know who they are or not!

FTC Coaches/Team Support and Curriculum Development

Our team makes a concerted effort to help keep other teams in the game.  We offer our assistance as much as possible to help these teams build stronger robots, stronger teams, and a better educational experience.


We host Coaches Rountables to try and understand areas where coaches have found that they need more support for their teams.  We can then use this information to try and direct the appropriate resources to keep our teams growing and competing!

Multi-Team SolidWorks CAD for FTC Training - Summer of Learning

To address team’s educational needs that have been identified via outreach activities, team mentoring, and Coaches Roundtables, Lord of the Bricks has established an ongoing mission of developing curriculum content for team by teams that will allow coaches who are overworked and/or inexperienced to provide resources for their teams to help them on their robotics journey.  This summer, we instituted live CAD training sessions delivered virtually to members of our team, as well as FTC and FRC teams needing a quick start to CADing with SolidWorks. We were joined by members of FTC FROGbots, as well as a member of FRC #6652 TigreRobotics from Mexico. Sessions were recorded so that we could set up a Udemy.com classroom for other students to join so we could spread the CAD lessons far and wide!

FTC Team Support

It is always our mission to help other FIRST teams to succeed. This year, we started early!  Last season, we connected with two teams who needed assistance prior to their competitions. This year, we invited two of the local teams, RoboWarriors 3116 from Henrico High School, and French Toast Bunch 11484 from John Marshall High School, to join us earlier in the season for more learning and build support.  This year, we have added FTC 13349 Masterminds Velociraptors as another Virginia team we are supporting.  This team regularly receives training, support, and resources from our team via Skpe, on location, as well as in our lab.

FRC Volunteering

Our team has volunteered to help support FRC teams get the most out of their season!

Girls in Science Camp-In - Sponsored by DuPont

March 24 - March 25, 2018

Our Middle school girls had the opportunity to attend Girls in Science Camp-In at the Science Museum of Virginia. During the camp, they experimented with civil engineering projects, prosthetics, egg drop competitions, and a host of other engineering activities.  They also got a chance to learn from some of the engineers who led past and ongoing NASA missions in various capacities.

American Heritage Girls’ -Robotics Badge Training Session

April 17, 2018

The American Heritage Girls is a Christian-based Scouting-like organization.  AHG helps girls acquire skills that will assist them in all areas of life. These skills may include how to use a computer, sew on a button, protect themselves, learn about their ancestors, or what it takes to be an astronaut. The Badge program provides opportunities for girls to interact across age groups, as older girls teach younger girls. Each Badge can be earned at three different levels (Tenderheart, Explorer, and Pioneer/Patriot).

Lord of the bricks helped a local troop of young girls to advance towards their Robotic badges by providing instruction and activities for the girls during one of their meetings.  We also made sure to highlight and provide access to our female coach and team members so that the girls could get the message that girls are engineers, too!

RavenCon 2018

April 21, 2018

RavenCon is an annual Science fiction convention.  It originally started in Richmond, VA, which is local to us, in 2006.  It has since moved to Williamsburg, VA. We have been loyal participants for several years.  

Each year, we moderate a Q&A panel, demonstrating our robots, 3D printing, and various other activities.  We even drive the robot around the convention areas to drum up excitement and get conversations started.  

Afterwards, we stay and explore the convention.  This year, our team played a quiddich match together, battled with Lightsabers, played vintage video games, and even took photos in Dr. Who’s Tardis!

Fort A.P. Hill Earth Day

April 27, 2018

This year, our team participated in Earth Day at Fort AP Hill.  This was an outdoor event with about 2,000 students. We took our our previous FTC robot for show, as well as some of our previous years’ FLL project presentations.  We paid special attention to our Nature’s Fury and Hydrodynamics project boards so that we could use the opportunity to tie together engineering and environmental concerns. 

FIRST Global STEM Corps Advisor Team - Team Zimbabwe

The FIRST Global Challenge invites each country to send a team to compete in our robotics olympics, which takes place in a different nation each year. Themed around the 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering identified by National Academy of Engineering, each year a different Grand Challenge takes center stage in an effort to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems. The challenges we face as a global society need to be solved, and the next generation can meet the task — together.  The team represented 186 Countries, with one team from each participating country.

Our team was paired with Team Zimbabwe.  We met with them weekly from May to August to help them get ready for the competition, which was held in Mexico City August 15th -18th.  

Each Wednesday morning, our Leadership team (consisting of our head programmer, head builder, electronics lead, main driver/senior team member, build coach and programming coach) met with the Team via Skype.  During the week, we would exchange information via WhatsApp. We helped them identify the appropriate parts to use in their build for tasks, perfect their design, and answer programming questions that they had.  

During competition, we were watched via the live stream, and offered them team moral support and encouragement via WhatsApp.  They had an amazing time! Not only did they finish the competition in 51st place out of the 161 teams competing, 

But they also walked away with the Francisco Jose’ de Caldas Award for Sustainable Excellence, which is awarded to three teams that exhibit a “can-do” attitude, no matter the outcome!

We had an amazing time with them, even through our language barriers! It was great to see other kids in another country who were interested in what we were interested in.  The biggest lesson was that they are kids just like us!  

The most challenging part about communicating with them was that the internet in Zimbabwe is limited.  The team could only meet with us while they were at University; and, even then, sometimes we had trouble connecting. The challenges they face on a daily basis certainly made us feel grateful for what we have.

Home Educators Association of Virginia Convention FIRST Booth Hosting

June 9, 2018

Our team arranged to have a FIRST booth setup at the HEAV Convention.  We invited other FIRST teams, as well as other VEX teams. HEAV has typically been an event where FIRST is featured; however, since no one planned the event, we picked up the ball!  We reached out to the program organizers, and offered our continued support, which is exactly what they wanted to hear! It didn’t take much prompting to get FIRST Chesapeake to send out an invitation and a signup sheet for other teams to join us. We arranged to have exhibitor passes made available for all the teams; and we each picked up a shift (or several) to make this event a success!

Pre-Maryland Tech Invitational Scrimmage - June 16, 2018

Lord of the Bricks joined FROGbots, Knightrix, and Wizards.exe in an outreach scrimmage event at Manassas Mall just prior to the maryland Tech Invitational.  The teams decided to use the practice time (for our slightly-rusty Relic Recovery bots) as an opportunity to spread the word of FIRST and engineering in the community.

Maryland Tech Invitational

June 23-24

In its second year of competition, the Maryland Tech Invitational presents itself as a opportunity for the top teams around the World to come together, compete, and experience the comraderie of other teams who have achieved excellence during the season. We enjoyed meeting teams from as far away as India, Israel, Romania, and Mexico!

The mission of the Maryland Tech Invitational (MTI) is to bring together FIRST Tech Challenge teams from the region, nation and around the world who have demonstrated excellence in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for a high quality competitive tournament. Invitations to the tournament will be earned through achievement in the FTC robot game during the season.  The MTI is committed to supporting FTC teams continuation in the program. This is achieved by offering cash and in-kind awards to be used by teams in the following season.   

Our Invitation!

Competition Schedule

Participating Teams

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